Windows XP Pro SP3 April 2019 x86 / SP2 June 2017 x64 Free Download

Windows XP Pro SP3 April 2019 x86 / SP2 June 2017 x64

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Windows XP Pro SP3 April 2019 x86 / SP2 June 2017 x64

Windows XP SP3 was actually a revolution in the design of the operating
system, and compared to its predecessors, Windows 98 and ME, there were
many improvements in both the appearance and interface, and the content
and core components of the operating system.

Despite the fact that the original version of the Windows was
introduced in 2001, but not only in our beloved Iran, but in many
countries, this Windows is used on a variety of devices, from personal
computers to ATMs, which may be a non-stable Windows Vista forms the
replacement of Windows XP, and also the need for stronger hardware in
Windows after XP, the most important reasons for this non-migration to
the newer Windows.

However, according to Microsoft, the life of this Windows system will
be officially completed on April 8, 2014 or April 19, 2015 and there
will be no new updates or support for this Windows.

In May, Microsoft released a security update for Windows XP SP3 and an
update for Internet Explorer 8, and announced that it would not be a
current procedure and would not be repeated.

Update 2: Microsoft’s apparently will now release Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool for this Windows update.

There is an unwritten principle based on the experience that the more a
Windows-especially Windows XP-editing and manipulation-and merely
incorporating new updates-the better would be for Windows to follow this

Features of this version of Windows XP SP3:

– Includes updates provided by Microsoft until October 27, 2016, in other words, November 1395

– Without any tampering with the Windows registry and content

– Activation using the Geniune serial and without cracking

– Has Internet Explorer 8 with all updates

– Getting the latest SATA drivers installed on your laptop

Tips for this version of Windows XP SP3:

– The volume of this Windows is less than 700 MB and can be burned to a CD.

– Use slow speed to burn on compact discs.

– The latest version of Flash Player ( provided at the time
of the release of this Windows is installed with Windows.

– The Windows Media Player software is not updated on this Windows version 9.

– This release contains the latest Microsoft updates for Windows XP
and, according to Microsoft, will not update it, and will only add a new
security update.

Required system

( CPU: Pentium 233 megahertz (MHz) processor or faster (300 MHz is recommended

( RAM: At least 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM (128 MB is recommended

HDD: At least 1.5 gigabytes (GB) of available space on the hard disk

CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive –

Keyboard and a Microsoft Mouse or some other compatible pointing device –

Video adapter and monitor with Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution –

Sound card –

Speakers or headphones –


Windows xp

Installation guide

To build the Windows bootable disk, use software such as PowerISO or UltraISO .

Serial needed to install:


Specifications Windows Xp Professional Vl With Sp3 X86 English August 2018

– Integrated:
post-SP3 (Jan2018) updates
POSReady2009 (Aug2018) updates
Visual C ++ runtimes
.NET Framework 1.1, 3.5 SP1, 4.0 (Aug2018)
DirectX 9.0c
Internet Explorer 8 (Aug2018)
Windows Media Player 11
Chipset and Storage drivers
CD Key
official Windows XP themes from Microsoft:
– Zune
– Embeded
– Energy Blue
– Royale Noir

– Removed:
The tour
MS Agent
Movie Maker
Msn explorer
Music Samples
******* Express
Search Assistant
Windows messenger
Synchronization Manager
Blaster / Nachi removal tool
Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder

Download link

Download Windows_XP_Professional_SP3_x86_Integral_Edition_2019.4.14

Download Windows_XP_Professional_Vl_With_SP3_X86_English_August_2018

Download Windows_XP_Professional_SP2_VL_Corporate_X64_June_2017_Rev-2

Download Windows_XP_Professional_Vl_With_SP3_November_2017

Download Windows_XP_Pro_SP3_Corporate_Student_Edition_April_2017

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